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The post goes on to say:We will only ship to the state of Texas, and to the address provided here. Also, the Texas Beauty Supply is a distributor of our website and as such, we are not legally responsible for the orders that customers place with us. If a customer receives a product that does not meet our criteria, we will refund their money. While its true that Texas Beauty Supply is a distributor of their website and not the other way around, it still would be odd to ship items to addresses that are not those of the company that has the exclusive right to sell those products. The we are an online retailer part doesnt make a lick of sense. Even if you do buy from a state-authorized distributor, its possible that it will still be shipped from an unauthorized location. There is no way to find out if youre going to be scammed, because theres no way to know for sure what the terms of this contract are. Youre not on the hook for it until you buy the item, either from the Texas Beauty Supply site or from a seller. There is also the fact that youre not a legitimate buyer of products from someone who was legally authorized to sell them. So, this company has a contract with a state of Texas thats not in your favor. And you dont mind the fact that your credit card number is going to some shady company with an online store because you dont have any other choices. What the fuck is an online retailer doing with your credit card information. Who is that entity selling to you that youre on the hook for any product you buy. How can you have a contract with a company that is in a different state. Your credit card number has been leaked, and as a result, you have no choice but to accept anything from the Texas Beauty Supply. So, you buy a bunch of products from them. The only thing youre buying is more crap that you have to throw out. You go through the process of washing your face because you dont feel like dealing with it. You also buy a face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen to add to your routine. Then, its time to put the masks on your face. The mask is really small and there is no real way to get a good fit without ripping it. You really need a size bigger than that. After spending 10 minutes trying to fit the mask on, you find that its so tight that.

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