Terrible Beauty is the first novel by New York congressman Peter T…

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Why do you sound so sad. Why did you do what you did.

In a very special novella, I will discuss the history of the Great War. By the time we re done, you will feel the resurrection of a soldier. By:The Great War Was a Raging BloodbathOne of the major causes of the war was the need to produce a steady supply of fresh fighting men, and therefore soldiers for the military. The old-fashioned way of recruiting soldiers was by recruiting the unemployed and the diseased, then shooting the latter on the front-line. At the start of the war, in the middle of the summer of 1914, the war was a non-starter among the British people, who did not want to see it in their backyard. When it was over, the war had taken over half of the country under British rule, and this war did not end until 1918. The French did not surrender, but the war of attrition had been over for them The war was bad for those involved in it, and the general opinion of the war was that it was good for no one. The war also had a bad effect on the economy, as the nation, and the economy, was thrown into a severe depression. The fact that the war didnt end in victory for either side had an additional effect on the economy. With the country in a depression, the government had an increased need for more money. This had an effect on the value of the currency, which in turn, increased the cost of living. And the cost of living increased due to the war, which caused many people to be unable to find work and have to live in unsanitary conditions. Most people were forced into poverty, and that poverty contributed to the Great Depression. T as Intense as It Could Have BeenBut the war had some other negative effects on the economy, as well, which had an effect on the price of food and other goods:The war caused a huge increase in the price of food. Ve died in a siege, or a siege during a time of famine. One reason why the inflation was not as bad had to do with the fact that the price of food increased a lot faster than other goods. S control over the price of food and other goods, and this reduced inflation.

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