Tayler Holder Files Lawsuit Against Austin McBroom Over Boxing Event

Tayler Holder has filed a lawsuit against Austin McBroom!

The 23-year-old TikTok star is suing the YouTuber for not being paid what he was promised in his contract for competing in the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event in June, The Blast reports.

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The lawsuit alleges that Tayler was paid $85,000 upfront to sign on to the fight, and was “guaranteed the amount equal or great than $2 Million or 2% of the adjusted gross revenue of the event.”

According to the lawsuit, the event brought in low PPV numbers, totaling only 136,000. Austin‘s legal team apparently sent out a letter to the talent, stating, “In light of the apparent underperformance of the Event, our firm has been retained to represent (McBroom) in connection with either a workout of the claims of all of its creditors or if a workout is not feasible a likely bankruptcy filing.”

“The majority of the talent has not been paid for their efforts. This event was a success for one entity — the McBroom family,” he says in the suit. “The McBroom plan was to build a social media boxing promotion enterprise that would be leveraged on the backs and efforts of his peers and fellow social media stars. The plan was carried out on false promises of financial gain to his investors and talent.”

The Social Gloves boxing event took place on June 12th. Tayler went up against AnEsonGib, and their match was called as a majority draw, essentially meaning that neither of them were declared a winner.

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