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The Astrological QuizYoure asked to choose between the following possible choices:1, You are currently an Aries and you are presently engaged in this activity. 2, You are currently a Taurus and your partner is a Gemini. 3, You are a Gemini and your partner is a Leo. 4, You are a Leo and your partner is a Virgo. 5, You are a Virgo and your partner is a Scorpio. The more you think about it, the more you realize. Name, age, sex, city, profession, and what year did your birthday occur. T you study for your driving test in 2001. T remember the test as being taken in 2001. M just going to ask you this one more time. Name one thing other than your birthday or your sex that you can specifically identify as a birthday present or anniversary. Oh, I dunno, I had a birthday party when I was a kid. My mom gave me a dress and some ribbons and stuff for my birthday.

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