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You will stay at the partyOh God, are they going to be angry Im here. Well its not my fault if they are, Ill stay at the party. No, you dont get to stay, the host says as if shes talking about a family member. No, I mean Im not a stupid girl, Ill stay at the party. I dont care about what you think you are, you stay at my party. If you cant do it, I cant help you. Ill need you to leave this party right now, okay. You sit in silence as the host looks at you. You feel like if you dont leave this party, shell get mad and beat the hell out of you. Then, you turn around and run back to hide, even though you havent been exposed yet. The host turns back back to the crowd of people and continues to talk, but she is clearly uncomfortable. I would like you to go to your room and leave, I will call the security, I will let you know what to do, okay. The host turns her body around and looks at you, her body tense and her eyes showing shes about to do something. They were right, you should find a way to leave. Some of them are already coming back to the door, others are still coming back from the party. You are sitting on the sofa in a daze; no one knows what happened to you. It could be hours before someone finds your hiding place. You suddenly hear loud music playing. Youre in a dark and dingy room with a fluorescent light. The window is open, but it is covered with a white sheet. You sit on the chair furthest from the window, and are wondering why, when suddenly, a woman wearing a white dress with a purple veil appears.

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