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Product Info:Name: Opus ExpressBrand: NICHE BEAUTYThis story is a sequel to The Daedalus Encounter. You are the first ever human to make contact with an alien species. For centuries the species known as the KroPg xn have lived and fished in deep space, and only occasionally making contact with other cultures. You are the first human to ever encounter one, and you have just finished a long quest to make contact with them. The KroPg xn were apparently destroyed during a cataclysm, leaving nothing behind. You saw an enormous artificial formation of strange craft in the distance. You were unsure how it would respond to your presence. You were sure that the KroPg xn would be furious at you for taking their ships without permission, or worse, stripping them of whatever technological secrets they had. But you see the beautiful sight before you. The enormous structure is the Daedalus, which was built by the KroPg xn to explore the galaxy. As you approach the structure, the KroPg xn make their presence known. A roar erupts to reveal a thousand massive KroPg xns, each with a pair of giant hands, holding spears in their hands. The KroPg xn are hostile towards you; for them, a KroPg xn with no spears is a worthless thing to be used as a weapon of war. However, you think that perhaps the KroPg xn will be curious about what you are capable of, so you can show them a few of the amazing abilities you have developed. The KroPg xn appear to have sent a small craft to greet you, and the KroPg xn have given it to you to land on the platform to prove that you are indeed the first human to ever make contact with them. For one thing there will be spears in the air and a thousand KroPg xn waiting to attack you. The platform is floating in the air, but you need to move it closer to the platform, to land it on the platform and have it land on the platform while you step on the landing skids. Then you will be able to get onto the platform. You step onto the landing skids and get on.

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