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Note: Useful terms to describe attractive people are: Beautiful Lovely Good-looking Well-dressed Famous Handsome Smart Charming.

You say to your phone as you go to your room, wondering how your sisters will react to your new and more appropriate compliments. You get more frustrated and think about your mom and how her death had an effect on you, but not in the positive way. You stop feeling sorry for yourself so you start thinking about the negative and you think about how you can feel better. S the same one you go all the time, all these nice people going about their business. Ve been stuck with her are getting to you. S little blue truck parked right in the park. T want to worry her or make her angry. Re too tired from all of these thoughts so for now you just go back into the park. Ve been here about an hour when you see someone approaching you from the side. Re all standing around talking with each other. Re going to attack you, but no one does. You continue walking and soon you stumble across some teenagers smoking cigarettes by themselves. T stop to talk directly to you, but you soon see them leave the park and head on in some direction. You keep walking until you reach a store on your right and then head in that direction. Ll probably have to ask people for help if you need it. S mostly teenagers trying to get a little attention from the mannequins. Eventually you leave and head to the park you were at before.

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