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Then you smile and the smile returns to your eyes. Youre sure if you work on them a bit more the burn will go away. The next day, you sit and listen to the soothing sound of a rainstorm and the laughter of children in the distance. Youll do something to yourself, but for now you turn your attention to the garden. You dole out the water that the other plants need. You water your vegetable patch and you water the melon patch. And as you look out over the garden, you think of your mothers garden and your father and how happy they all were to see you and how you really are a great kid at heart. You cant believe that youve left this place. You cant believe that youre going to be gone for the rest of the day. You really are going to be gone, arent you. Thats so much harder to believe when you see your mom and dad smile at you from behind the hedges. You stare at the garden and realize just how much money you could spend there if you really had the heart for it. The sun goes down and you think about the future. You look at yourself in the garden and you look at yourself in the backyard and you want to lie there in the backyard and just close your eyes and listen to the rain, to let yourself go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow youll wake up in a different place. Perhaps you will realize that your life is now in the hands of fate. Perhaps no ones hands will touch yours. Perhaps all your good deeds will be forgotten. Perhaps people will remember only your kindness and your beauty and your tenderness.

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