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You get yourself taken, a reference to Million Dollar Mermaid, by a hot head and you get murdered. When the final chorus is sung you are surprised to find a lot of people moving their bodies. T budge and you have no idea why. You look up just in time for you to get hit right in the back of the head by ice spikes. Your neck breaks and you are now falling down a chasm. S hand shoot out and grab your ankle. She begins slamming you into the ground as you scream out in pain. You begin feeling the pain intensify when you see a giant ice spikes coming out of the ground and heading directly for you. Re thrown against a wall where the pain intensifies even more. The spikes are actually not as big as you thought. You look up at the woman who is pounding on your face as if telling you to stop screaming. You think you can withstand the pain of being bashed in the face by giant ice spikes. Elsa begins shouting in your ear while still holding on to your ankle. She continues to shout while the spikes begin to hit your body. S nothing but a high pitched shriek. Well I thought you were tougher than that. You feel a coolness and the ground begins to tilt upward. Re still on the ground with spikes still stabbing you all over your body. Well that certainly was an entertaining way to end the show. Elsa laughs and the crowd laughs along with her. S final words the show abruptly ends. The credits keep on rolling which now includes Elsa laughing and the audience is in on the fun. Ve fallen, then you realize what you did just now.

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