Sunny Beauty Supply originated in 1989 and has continued to grow …

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Sunny Beauty Supply originated in 1989 and continues to grow over the. We carry all of your beauty supply needs. This beauty supply store has everything, wigs, make up, skin, care, products. We carry all of your, beauty supply needs. But Im only wearing her mascara in her hair. Im only buying mascara on my brows and face. Maybe Im not good at dressing up, and my hair isnt pretty enough to wear. Or maybe Im just not good at getting what I want. I want to get away from the fake stuff and the stuff that doesnt work. I have never been so mad over a mascara. I have tried every brand and I finally got over my fear of black mascaras and got a sample of this one from the dollar aisle. I will never use any brand or style of mascara again. Then youre left with a dry, crumbly mess that sticks to your lashes and doesnt really give me any volume. But the worst part is that the texture is really weird and makes your lashes look like nothing is there. I know they are there, but they seem to be hidden by this crazy, greasy mascara. Sarahatclaire88 Location: Undisclosed Eyes: Brown Skin tone: Light I have been searching for a mascara for years. I think I was obsessed with Benefit first and wanted to try everything. I had such high hopes for it, but it was so harsh on my lashes. It made them look like I had falsies. There was never a clump, no matter how long I wore it. I dont even like using other mascaras.

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