Sune goddess of love and beauty

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Ve been the type all of your life where you were never willing to take the first step. You were always that nervous person in the group that would always stick out. Re a lot like your father, but better, you suppose. In the real world like your father was, but you think about the idea of moving out and starting your own life some day. Your mom died when you were young. T really have any good reasons, but the question is, does that make you any less of a hero. You have always had a good relationship with your younger brother Sam, but you wonder what the future holds for him in the world. Most of all you wonder about your sister Diana. S the same age as you are, and has been a bit of an idol to you ever since she was small. You have been trying to keep in contact with her, as you think that would be the one place you could be close to her outside of the family. Hey Suzy, do you want to come with me to the city for the day. Nothing to worry about, just ready to go in a minute. You grab your pack and start heading towards the door to your room. Re going to be meeting up with Diana later, along with a few other folks. D rather you stay here and rest anyway. Re going to need to come with me, okay.

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