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Concert goes on, which is one of the more exciting parts of Korea. A week later a newly wed Jugyeong arrives at your house. You watch Jooheon Lee as he, Suho and Jugyeong exit the house through a back door. Who is on the left side You wonder what they are doing. You can see that Jooheon Lee is having very deep, dark inner feelings about you. You are also seeing his eyes wander to your body all the time. You are not quite sure what to say to this, so you turn your head away. Jooheon Lee, we have to discuss my contract. He is a little surprised, but manages to hide the worry with a big smile. You want me to sign a paper saying that I agree to be your partner. But just dont say anything if you dont want to. I dont want to make things too complicated. You turn around and walk towards the door. You walk towards it, closing the door behind you. Okay, Im ready to tell you everything. In the same moment he was about to push you back in the door, you stop him mid-kiss and say something like, Ill do it.

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