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You start to take a bite of the chicken, when you feel something hit you right in the face, sending it scattering in all directions. Re dazed for a moment and then realize the badness. Two years passYou awaken to a small campfire near the edge of the wilderness. The stars overhead look incredibly big in the dawn light. You all sit around the fire in silence for a moment, before one of the characters of this world speaks again. The rest of you leave to go home, and after a few more hours of travel you arrive back at the small, isolated town where you were raised. S been years since you left, but you sense the place is still the same. M actually kind of surprised to see you here. What, I dunno, I guess things have been so quiet around here lately that no one else decided to come out of the wood work. T even really know all that much about myself. T laugh, but you do smile.

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