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And that would be the type of beauty that makes you stop anytime you see it. Im very sorry, but this is just impossible. Well, this is the kind of beauty that makes you stop anytime you see it, is it not. The beauty of this is so beyond my ability to describe that I cant even tell you how wonderful you are, and how much it will mean to me. My love for you is deeper than any other love I had for anyone. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Thats why you cant see this beauty, can you. Oh, Im sorry, I can tell youre disappointed. I wont stop trying to make you see this beauty. In fact, Im going to say that Ill bring you some food later on. No, I cant, you say, and you turn away from him. I cant promise that Ill get you anything. You let the man tryThe mans expression is one of uncertainty as he stares at you, a frown scuffed across his face, as he struggles to find words. If you want to, Ill try to find something for you to take home. I know how much you enjoy food, and I have a bit left. If you dont find something, Ill go find something. No, I cant make you see something beautiful. Its either right here or there, you say. This is a sad predicament, and Im sad even to be in this position. Perhaps if you didnt look so sad.

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