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I don t need one that looks like Kylie Krabz. I am just grieving for something that is no more. You just want to touch the picture of Pierce and know that you have found his heart. You put it backYou put the picture back and the picture was exactly like the one that you just put in the window of Pierces room. You were happy, but you cant forget about your lover. You are at the gate of the Black Tower, this is where you were supposed to go, only you were not allowed in. You can see on the wall of the Black Tower a picture of Pierce and Black Tower, it was a very special experience that you could not forget. But your love is not allowed, and you are about to fall down, but something changes your mind. You dont know how long you were in this dream. You were afraid that she would be mad at you. Very well, but I will be back when its not dark. I told you, I will only come back after the sun has risen. You took the picture and put it in your pocket. You know, if youre going to be gone, you could come with me. Yes, I once had a friend called Pierce and she was my first love. But I dont think I can come with you. I was thinking that if youre a musician, why dont you come with me.

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