Strictlys Graziano Di Prima says hes proud of Judi Love as she fights Covid

Strictly Come Dancing's Graziano Di Prima has said he's "proud" of his dance partner Judi Love as she fights Covid.

Loose Women presenter Judi Love was forced to sit out last week's show after she tested positive for the virus and is still battling the illness.

Graziano posted a message in support of Judi on his Instagram page and stressed that they would "do their best" to be able to dance on the Strictly dance floor again.

Captioning a photo of them both, Graziano wrote: "I’m so proud of this woman, she is the strongest!! She is doing the most important thing, looking after her health. Whatever will happen in the next few days, we will try our best to be on that dance floor again."

It's not certain yet what will happen if the couple continue to be unable to dance in this week's show.

Meanwhile, Judi has given her followers a recent health update as she continues to battle COVID-19.

The star is still struggling to get going and focusing her energies on trying to recuperate so she can return to training.

The comedian appeared via video on her Twitter page, and while she was laying down and fighting through a croaky voice, she was still cracking jokes galore and keeping up her loveable nature.

Captioning the lengthy clip, Judi declared: "Dam Rona!!! Health is Wealth!!! See you soon. Stay safe!! #JudiLove."

"Ok peoples me the one like Judi Love," she began. "I don’t even know what day it is. Some kind of motivation day. I just want to say to you guys. Rona is real.

"I just want to give thanks that I was doing the little exercise and dancing thing. I feel like I’m handling it much better than I would have had if I hadn’t been doing little exercise and little sweat.

"You can hear from my voice," the star continued to croak, as she went on to reel off a huge list of West Indian remedies, meals and drinks she'd tried to get well again.

"I just want to say to you. I’m here," Judi assured her followers. "It’s been a rough couple of days and it’s really about for you to get your health in order.

"Health is wealth. And I’m not just talking about cashing that cheque, I just mean having that health so you can live at your optimum.

"You can continue creating memories, having life experience, spending time with loved ones as long as possible because Rona, Rona has got me locked up in here like I’m the woman from Orange is the New Black!" the star declared.

The Strictly contestant joked some more about the virus not caring who it comes for or when, before finally signing off with thanks for her friends, and all the well-wishes from fans.

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