Strictlys Adam Peaty reveals secret injuries before being voted off show

Adam Peaty has revealed that he was suffering with injuries before being voted off Strictly Come Dancing.

Adam and his dancer partner Katya Jones became the sixth couple to leave the show after losing out to Tilly Ramsay during the dance off on Sunday 7 November.

Since his exit, Adam has revealed that he’d sustained injuries from the intense dancing training, and that he expressed concerns about his ankles, calves and achilles.

He explained on BBC’s It Takes Two: “I can say this now, normally I'd keep this under wraps but my ankles were going, my calf was going.”

Adam, 26, continued: “I was trying to do as many runs as I can but the jive is one of those dances that requires 150%.

“On the Thursday I was like 'Katya, I can't do any more. I am an Olympic athlete and I can push through things that most people can't push through but my achilles is going to go if I keep going.’”

It Takes Two host Rylan Clark-Neal went on to ask Adam what he thought of the judges scores of his and Katya’s dance, to which Adam said he thought it was done “very fairly”.

The 26 year old explained: “The judges have a role and I think they did that very fairly. I've got nothing against that and as a competitor, you've got to respect that and I have respect for that.

“But it is what it is, isn't it? I gave absolutely everything to Katya, I gave absolutely everything to myself but hopefully, we gave a good laugh to everyone at home.”

While Adam branded the judges scores as fair,his mum was far from pleased at him being voted out.

Taking to Twitter to express her disappointment, Caroline Peaty wrote: “Proud @adam_peaty and @Mrs_katjones such an amazing partnership and @Mrs_katjones you have taught my baby boy how to dance, thank you x Total fix and I’m not buying the public vote”.

Rylan also asked Katya what it was like working with Adam. The professional dancer said: “We've been so privileged to have our Olympic hero come back from the Olympics and throw himself completely out his comfort zone.

“I've just loved every single day. I'm sure everyone would be very grateful for those tight trousers! You rose to the challenge and inspire everyone to believe that you can do anything if you apply yourself. Thank you for everything – I'm still not ready to go!”

Throughout their time on the show, many worried that the “Strictly curse” was going to strike the couple, but fortunately Adam’s girlfriend Eiri Munro took it all in her stride.

Responding to viewers' claims that Katya and Adam almost kissed,Eiri shared a TikTok video of her pretending to cry.

Eiri and Adam share one year old son George-Anderson Adetola Peaty together.

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