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You choose to listen to trailer music, trailer music. I just wonder how much will this cost me to get. As you spend more time online, while trying to avoid the many unwanted phone calls from people you dont know, you start to notice a trend. The trailers youre looking for all have a particular theme or theme-type. The best way to describe it is that theyre all kind of like music videos where the stars wear little outfits, perform tasks and then get to go home and sleep in their beds. It seems like there are a lot of these little trailer-trailers that just run commercials for various products and services. You cant even get one without the music playing, or, at least, it doesnt seem to be advertising anything, since no matter how hard you search, you cant find anything featuring any kind of trailer-music. You dont like the sound of the music youre hearing and you decide that the music from this movie just has to have a catchy tune to make it more appealing and you quickly hit the play button on you phone. You pause the song that youre listening to and then look at your phone to see the time. You had planned on watching the trailer after you finished with your homework, but. Youre not sure why youre still bothering yourself around these kinds of things, because youre tired of the whole thing after all. Youve been meaning to skip this annoying movie for a long time now and you finally feel like youre ready to do it. Maybe you should take your mothers car and go back home. You go home your MotherYou leave your house and start walking towards your mothers car. You havent seen her since you left home after your parents fight. Shes probably at work, or her friends house or a friends party. All you know is that she told you in your phone call, I want you to be careful. You tell your Mother about your situationYou know that her concern is valid since youve never done anything bad to her, but you cant help but worry about what will happen if you do something wrong. You tell your Mother about your situationYour mother seems to be in a pleasant mood and responds to your situation gracefully. You know, Ive always been concerned about you since youve never really been on your own before. I cant imagine what its like to be alone and scared at the same time but youll get over it. So how about you come and stay over tonight and we can watch The Nightmare Before Christmas together.

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