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You cant have it all The door swings open and your friend comes in, and you follow him out into the waiting car. You know who youre looking for before he even enters the room. Hes a big, bald man in his late fifties. He carries a bag slung over one shoulder, which he sits down next to. His black hair is cut short but neatly combed back and he wears a pair of black cargo pants and a plain white t-shirt. He leans back on a chair with his hands clasped in front of him. When he looks at you, he smiles at you wryly. Youre welcome, Im not used to people coming to stay here. Im going to take a shower first, he says. When he finishes his business, he sits up with a smile of his own. He leads you into the kitchen where the fridge opens and there sits a large, round, silver kettle at the centre of a long metal table. In the corner is a large wooden dining table covered in an even thicker layer of freshly-baked bread. He opens the fridge and pulls out a bottle of water and a tin of tuna. Here, he says, handing you the canned tuna from the can. And can you put the water bottle on the top shelf of the fridge. And sit down, he adds, pointing to the empty chair across the room in the middle of the room. And I want you to try not to look so busy when Im talking to you. With that, you sit down across from him and the two of you talk for a while. You learn hes from a town in the Yorkshire Dales, and that hes a farmer with three kids. Your own house is in the middle of the country near one of the biggest towns in the world. You look at each other, and its clear that neither of you has ever spoken directly to a person in the room before.

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