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You get Yourself a Car, Youre a Better Driver Than She IsHey there, you need a ride home. You look like I would have come across a boy named Sam when searching for a ride, or at least a boy. I was just trying to figure out if you needed a ride. I know how much trouble you get in trying to stay on the right side of the road. I want to tell you that my boyfriend is driving us right now. When you can catch him and he catches you, we might be able to stop at your place sometime. A man would look out from a building and think, Wow, the moon is out tonight. While you would look at the stars and think, Oh yeah, theyre on a different night of the week. You walk in the house and see a big, bright light. 22You decide to head back to the car to investigate the source of the light. You quickly return and enter the car and hit the start button. Its a bright flash and you feel like youve been run over by a semi for a moment. You think as you slow to a stop, holding your ears. Thats not going to stop me from being distracted. You walk and stand behind the car, trying to block out all else. You can barely concentrate on the road around you. You look and look at the stars and the landscape of this strange land. I was trying to make sense of the stars and how the light affected them. You try to stop your heart from beating. You have to get yourself out of this strange place. Im not in control of my own destiny. You find the tree that looked at you that night.

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