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Celebrity Business AdviserWhat does it look like. Some people make their living as celebrity business advisors, working with celebs to help them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. This might require working directly with the individual on certain ventures, working as a consultant, or even being a consultant for others. It could be a role where youre a business advisor to a celebrity and your primary focus is to help the celebrity achieve his or her business goals. Well, you might be a consultanteither as a partner with one celebrity or as an independent consultant working with more than one celebrity. You might be working closely with the celebrity to help him or her build or expand his or her business. You might also be working with other celebrities in an advisory capacity. Either way, your job might be to advise and advise, but you might also be working directly with the celeb to get him or her to execute some of his or her business plans. Many celebrity business advisors are self-employed, which means they have full-time jobs and may also be working at other businesses on the side. They may have other jobs that dont require a lot of travel, so it can be a good idea to consider work from home if youre interested in a career as a celebrity business adviser. Whether youre a celebrity looking to advise a famous friend or a company looking to hire an employee in order to help it grow, you could be working with a celebrity business adviser whos either:Someone who works directly with a celebrity, or knows of a celebrity who does work for a company, Someone who works with celebrities on behalf of a company, whether its through being a consultant, consultant or employee, A consultant who assists celebrities with particular business goalsWhy would I want to work for a celebrity business adviser. You might consider working for a celebrity business adviser if:youre a self-employed individual who likes helping celebrities accomplish their business goals for the sake of helping them;youre a celebrity looking to help a friend accomplish his or her business goals;you work with celebrities on behalf of a company; oryou think you have the skills to help a company accomplish its business goals in any way that suits your skillset. You can apply for a job with a celebrity business adviser in a variety of industries, including:retail working on the celebritys behalf with a celebrity-owned retailer;fashion working on the celebritys behalf with a beauty brand;tech working on the celebritys behalf with a tech company; orphotography working on the celebritys behalf with an online retailer. Some celebrity business advisers also work with athletes.

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