Stacey Solomon fuming with Joe and says they may not make it to wedding anniversary

Everyone's favourite couple Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are nearing their first wedding anniversary, but the latter seems to be in the doghouse right now.

The regular Loose Women panelist, 33, filmed an exchange between them from her kitchen on Instagram Stories this week, enraged with her husband's audacity to complain of tiredness after enjoying a three-day fishing break while she looked after the kids.

Simultaneously washing some pots, Stacey told the camera: "I'm not being funny but all I wanted to come on here and do was have a steep chat and Mr Swash has been away fishing for three days… like, who fishes for three days?"

She then invited I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! winner Joe, 41, to recount what he'd come out with upon returning home.

"I'm just feeling a bit tired, you know?" he smiled, having appeared behind her. "I cooked so many fish. I'd get up at like three in the morning and two in the morning. I need a lie down…"

Incredulous, his wife responded: "I need a lie down! You left me with the kids for three days. How many fish did you catch?"

"Three", was Joe's answer, which Stacey took exception to by highlighting: "So basically what you're saying is in three days you had to get up three times and that's worn you out…"

The former EastEnders actor pointed out: "Well I had a couple that I lost."

"It's our wedding anniversary next week," said a hard-faced Stacey, "let's try and make it there shall we?"

"Yeah… we should do a fishing thing anniversary!" joked Joe in the clip's final moment.

But that wasn't all, because the pair carried on with a debate around Joe's hobbies and his insistence that they may one day want another child.

"Basically, you don't like my hobbies, unless my hobbies are you…" he told Stacey.

"I should be your hobby!" she replied. "And you're the one who's like, 'Oh let's have more children, let's keep having children until the cows come home'. You say it all the time. When I said get a vasectomy what did you say? 'What if we want one more…' And by we you mean you."

Apparently, though, Joe was put off the idea by a friend who'd suggested the procedure accelerates your body's ageing.

"Oh well it'll make no difference to you then," laughed Stacey.

Joe, who has two daughters and a son with Stacey as well as an older son from a previous relationship, then proudly stated that he looks younger than her despite being eight years her senior.

Shutting him down, Stacey fired back: "Yeah but you can't fish for three days without being exhausted…"

This went on and on with the two TV stars bickering about each other's flaws (Joe claimed that she was a "control freak", yet Stacey argued this was mere efficiency) – much to the amusement of her social media followers no doubt.

"Stop rubbing yourself up against me," she warned him, before quipping: "Then we'll have more kids and you'll still wanna go fishing!"

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