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Jon Bon Jovi and Miranda Kerr are regulars. All but a few are hostile to sustainable living and environmental reforms. Maarten-This may well be the most confusing list Ive ever seen. To make matters even more confusing, this one appears to be split into four sections:St. BartsNow, each section includes a title that looks like this:St.

Jon Bon Jovi sat with the group for a long time, discussing the days events, which included a trip down to the St. Marys Canal to see some of the Old Port for themselves. You sat with a large, burly guy who sat in the back, talking to a few of his buddies. It was probably a group of his buddies from school, as they all wore hoodies and had their hair cut really short, like you and Jake, who sat next to you. Im here to have more fun than you are this summer, he said. Jake, standing next to you, smiled and leaned over to whisper in your ear. Yeah, but not as much fun as youre having right now, kid. Youre always all good, Jake corrected, then shook your hand, smiling at you. It was probably around this time that your mom came walking in. The kids had stopped what they were doing to watch her enter, and you figured your mom would like to hang out a little longer, and would likely leave before your group ended up hanging out for the night or at least the next few days. You sat with Jake and the kid in your group, playing a little catch with your own, and looked over at your mom. She caught your eye, smiled, nodded and walked past the group. You thought she was going to sit down and talk with you, but she continued on without you, leaving you with your newfound group of friends. You sat there a moment, talking with Jake and the kid for a time. Finally, the group stopped talking with the kid in the back to hear Jake and the kid. Jake laughed aloud, and the kid shook his head with a smile.

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