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Please, please, please add new reviews. I dont want to waste the time with negative ones. So, please, my request is very simple. Thank you,KaterinaPS: Yes, I read all your fav and admire reviews. Now, please add new ones to my review. :, You add new reviewReviews are disabled. You waitA little more than a month has passed already. You have more than a hundred, and you cant stop seeing them. You have seen one, so many of them. After all the useless conversations and the useless e-mails, the useless phone calls, the useless visits to the shop and the pointless shopping, you have to get to sleep. Maybe this is why you feel drained, so tired after just a few hours sleep. You dont need the stress of having to deal with your customers right now, you have to sleep. But as you are falling into a deep sleep, you suddenly remember something. You cant fall asleep with the shop too noisy around you. A constant racket and noise in your head and in your dreams. You need to find a quiet place to sleep. You are awoken by the buzzing sound of your phone. Okay, dont let me keep you. You put down the phone and fall back asleep to reality. Katerina answers as if she was waiting for you to wake up. No, but I just feel like Im going to hell if you dont answer me, honey. You know theres no need for you to answer me, since you already know I like you a lot. Is it really okay with you if I really think theres a chance. Why dont you ask if something is okay with me first, before asking me to do something I dont want to do.

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