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I guess this, doesn,t take up much-and you can feel the effect quickly. After a few months, you,re ready to go. Since,my skin, is, I,may be a little more sensitive than most,I would like to send a message to anyone. Endoftext You go on to your e-mail, then add this:In addition to the great reviews and fast shipping, Im also a member of a forum called Specific Beauty where women post their experiences with different skin care products. The women there have very similar experiences and the same product worked for them. Although I dont use it myself, Im glad a lot of these women are happy with their skin care products. You dont say anything else for the next half hour. Your attention is focused purely on the computer screen, leaving you with barely any ability to think, let alone think about anything else. When you wake up, youre in your car and headed back home. Its been a long day, so you dont have much to do now, but you do wish youd made more of an effort to respond to that nasty message, if only to prove you werent just being a jealous bitch. Next day: Day two, TuesdayYou decide to see if you can get through all your chores and then see if Heather will be there. Shes supposed to come back later this afternoon. You check the clock and its only 6:00 p. You think to yourself Well I guess I better get some sleep. As you sit in your car, you begin to think back on the events of last night and how you got here so quickly without thinking about them in any detail, not that youd even be able to remember everything, given how tired you are now after your sleep-deprived state. Just as you begin to drift off, you realize youre still wearing your panties. You try to force them back on, but they wont go on, you try to pull them off, but they wont go on, you try to pull them off but their fabric just wont fit on your body. Still, youve got a couple of other options. One is Heather, shes usually pretty available and she always returns home late. Another is the park bench by the highway where you spend most of your time by yourself.

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