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Randy Marsh, the man who killed Bill Cosby, is on the stage. Well, uh, uh, I could get myself drunk. Well, Randy Marsh doesnt make bad booze, so youve got a chance, kid. I didnt go to South Park for the milk and now Im thirsty. Sorry kid, but Stan Lee doesnt make good movies. Stan Lee made a movie called The Hulk Hogan Story and it blew my mind. We need to wake these people up before they sleep through a Stan Lee movie. Okay, lets all go to South Park Elementary and get drunk. Well wake em up at the party, then well beat them there, and then well sleep it off in Stan Lees movie. The next day, everyone gets up very early. They all drive to the city and drive all over the city. Cartman says that he wants to go all over South Park, that he wants to go into the sewer, go to Burger King and get some fries, and get into the water tower. Stan says as you all enter the sewer. Stan starts to explain to you all of what to do, until you are all suddenly surrounded by a dark green goo-like substance. Stan coughs as you all try to escape through the sewer. You then suddenly notice the other students not being able to escape their handcuffs and bonds. Come on guys dont be afraid, Im gonna get us all out of here. Stan screams as you all come to his aid and you all defeat the three students that were trying to capture you all. Come on, I really dont want to hang a bunch of people up.

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