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The series is controversial in its views of religious beliefs, homosexuals, drugs, violence, rape, murder, and more. You dont say anythingThe moment you think youre getting out of this town for good, you get a knock on the door. You look out the window; its Kyle and his friend Stan. I dont have much time; I have to get to my job at the gas station. He heads off, and Stan goes looking for his keys. You quickly lock yourself in the bathroom and lock the door. Then you throw away all your personal items and strip off in the closet. After that, you go down to the basement, where everything is much more organized. You look around the room and cant believe this was the bedroom of your house. Youre surprised South Park even had a garage or basement. You have to admit, you never gave the premise much thought until you just looked at the living room and saw the TV set and the DVD player. While you didnt think youd see anything like that in a place like this, theres actually a toilet and a shower. Theres also a shower curtain, a sink faucet with running water, and a shower head. A bathroom in a trailer park is really a lot worse than a normal one. You think back to a time when you didnt have a car and a bathroom like this was more than enough for you. You feel a little sad for the people living here, and you start to contemplate your next move. You have some time, so why not spend some of it with your boyfriend. He seemed so happy to be living here. You might as well spend some time with him now, though you might be back out on the streets before you know it. You find KyleYou decide on the best option: youre going to look for Kyle instead of Stan. Then you see Kyle, looking out the window. Well, I need to go back to the gas station. You should probably go ask one of the other guards for a ride back to the trailer park.

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