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This year the number of new awards is at least 3 new awards: First of all, in order to honor his work, the President of the Republic of Korea, the late Roh Moo-hyuns father, the late President Roh Tae Hos mother, Mr. Jang Il Su, the late leader of the North Korean Workers Party, the late Mr. Kim Jong Ils former instructor, and Mr. Kim Jong Uns teacher have received the prestigious Mr. They are the recipients of an award in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Korean people. This comes on the same day South Korean actress and singer Ahn So-yeon, also known as Ahn So-na, won a Best Female Actress award. The actress, who is currently appearing in a major South Korean drama, has now become the only female actor to win the coveted Best Actor award. The actress has won a number of awards for her outstanding performances in both drama productions and feature films. Ahn is currently filming the next installment of the popular serial drama, the romantic comedy, I Feel Pretty. She became well-known in the South Korean entertainment industry when she starred in the popular South Korean TV series, Gangnam Style, which went on to become the top-10 video on YouTube. Ahn is well-known for her energetic personality and charming smile. Ahn went to the university of KAIST, one of the best universities of Korea. Ahn is known to be very popular among South Korean youth. She has also become very popular among the foreign youth as well. You say I heard your father was a great leader. My father was an average man, my father is a great leader. The girl is a little older than you, and she has light-green hair. No, my father was an average man, You say again. My mother, my mother was an average woman too, the mother was just an average woman. Shes a little younger than you, but taller. Why are we not more extraordinary than we.

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