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Re alone with them, they begin to talk to you normally. Ve been on the road with this for quite awhile now. Re both right in what you see and what you know. D rather not know about, like the studio bosses, the studio heads and executives, the top executives and board members that might be behind their own back plotting to kill the two of you. Re all planning to kill and enslave the rest of mankind, to make this world a utopia. However, you two are going to survive this hell; the two of you. You will do what you were both destined to doWith your newfound awareness of the world and your new skills, you are bound to survive. And you will do what you were destined to do, which is survive. Re sort of having a hard time thinking about it right now, but then you remember a story, once told to you by your grandfather, about the last time he had a heart attack, and while it was scary, he ended up coming back to life a few hours after he gave up his life to die, and he told you a story about the experience. T keep the secret from his children for very long because he knew that they would.

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