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In some parts of the military, they still show the swastika. Some of the biggest names in music have joined forces to create a campaign of music called American Idiot. Some of the main issues in the world today are war, poverty and oppression. These issues could be resolved if more people had a better understanding of what socialism is. If the war is won and everyone has lots of money which is distributed evenly, then this could make people more content. This would solve all problems The main reason why more people dont like socialism is because its often seen as a communist type system. In fact, the word socialist comes from the Latin word, socialis. What socialism means is, as the saying goes, The common people need not be burdened. Or, As the saying goes, Those who do not need be served. Socialism, When the state is used in the most efficient way possible, it allows for each citizen to reach their full potential. This is socialism A socialist system is much better than a free market. In certain situations, a free market can lead to social injustice. This is the free market The problem with the free market is that it doesnt allow for people to be free of a certain level of responsibility. This is bureaucracy The big problem with the free market is that its prone to the corruption of people. This is the government Free enterprise can only work when people are responsible, honest and work towards a common goal. This is the government In a socialist system, everyone is responsible for themselves. This is socialism In a socialist system, the government does not interfere in the lives of its citizens. This is socialism The government can provide for all citizens and eliminate the need for the free market. This is socialism Socialism is one of the most important issues facing the world today. This is socialism People have a right to a job, a roof over their heads and healthcare. This is socialism People have a right to a home of their own, food, clothes and healthcare. This is socialism A society that is based on the ownership of means of production will be one of freedom. This is socialism A society that is based on the ownership of resources will be one of equality. This is socialism Communism is a system in which the state owns the means of.

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