So we came up with a list of 38 …

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You can vote once for each of the 38 stars. And if you vote for only one of the stars, I, m stating for you that that one, is hot. But you,re also stating something about, yourself. 4820154:42:59 PM 0d14h41m And were out of the pokeball. 4820154:46:01 PM Hooray for being the worst and the only one to fail this time. 4820154:47:16 PM So now were on PIKEDOOOOO. 4820154:47:40 PM So now who is the best and the worst. 4820154:58:37 PM robin RATELIMIT you are doing that too much. 4820154:59:09 PM Rooster So were going to PIKEDOOP. 4820155:02:32 PM 4d13h1m So our friends, as promised here is the list of the 38 best and the 37 worst Pokmon. 4820155:02:57 PM 4d13h1m We head southeast for a bit. 4820155:03:00 PM 4d13h2m Were back in the Pokecenter. 4820155:03:09 PM 4d13h1m We enter the poke.

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