So I went to the list and wrote down unisex names…

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D probably be lying if I said I had no idea. Ll probably still be having troubles about it if you think about it right now. Well then in that case please tell me. D still be able to pick up pretty girls. Why would that be any better than just being a lonely virgin stuck in a basement. Re just too much of a nice guy to be a serial killer. Re just being bitter that some of your other friends from school got to do awesome shit, while you got stuck here. T get to do as much shit as you did. I just see you as being a little stuck up in high school. M just very much in awe of the things I do not have right now. What good is it being stuck in some boring dead end job. Hey I never said being stuck in some dead end job was any good, I said you should hang out with stuffies. At this point Johnny is really starting to get frustrated and upset.

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