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Article about Celebrities leaving country if trump is elected

You just do what they saidI dont like your tone. You just calm yourselfThe whole day is a nightmareYou look at the newspaper to find out how they intend to change country to that of fascist nation. You read newspaper of the new fascist dictator who is going to change country into a fascist nation. You read newspapers of how new fascist leader is going to be elected president. You see how the fascist leader will have complete control over government. You are going to have your own army and you are going to have absolute power over people. You fightYou are too proudYou are too coldYou are too selfishYou are too short-sightedYour pride will not let you dieYou will stand up for whats rightIm too prideful, I am too cold, I am too selfish and I am too short-sighted. You try to get the hell out of this shitty situationYou try to explain that you dont want to listen to reason, but you are ignored and you get called a shitty human being and a stupid fucking cuntGet out. Fuck you, Im not listening to you. What kind of world do you think you live in bitch. Im too fucking prideful, Im too cold and Im too selfish. You dont want to live in a world with me. Fine, you get out here and lets fucking fight. If you dont wanna fight, then get the fuck outta here. You are too embarrassed to say NoWhat a fucking bitch. Im gonna kick your fucking ass. Im gonna knock you the fuck out. He is right thenYou start to be sickWhat are you gonna do.

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