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So for-give me all that fuss, but you think we should tempt me. I dunno, I think that the movie business has already been taken care of, you say. I mean in any case, Im a woman of my word, and Im going to work hard as usual to help the movie. Plus, its the holiday season, so there will be lots of customers. You continue to try to convince herWell, anyway, I wont pressure you. We dont have as many days as we would like, but if we can still make it, we can still make it, you say. Thank you, thank you so much for your time. Soon enough your family is back at the trailer. You ask, noticing that your Mom and dad are all gathered in the living room again. Oh, he was all for making the movie, if we get a small donation by tomorrow. He also said something about taking you to see it in person when we get to New York. Your parents go off in search of food and drink. You sit around the living room table and start to contemplate the decision that you will have to make tomorrow. You have made your choice, its time to make yours. You invite your parents inYour Dad opens up the door and answers it. He shouts, before you both disappear inside the home. You enter the living room, where you find your Mom and Dad in the living room, eating dinner. Your Mom is an old, bald person who has lived most of your life. Her eyes are bloodshot, and she is wearing dirty, faded clothes. Most of her face has been burned off, and her nose has been broken. You remember seeing her after the fire, but she told you not to ask any questions. Your dad is a little taller and built than your Mom. Hes bald, but his hair is a light brown. You know him as Big Daddy by everyone because of his size. Your Mom pauses to wipe her eye, but doesnt look around at the house, instead just continuing on with the conversation. Okay, lets get right to the topic of this conversation, your Mom beginsYeah, I was thinking that I should make a movie to take to the Sundance Film Festival, you say.

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