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I wrote it for Sleeping Beauty, my favorite movie of all time. Now I feel like everyones favorite princess has a song for me. But mostly I just make stuff up as I go. I might have forgotten something, though, because Ive done this with other songs. Do you want me to sing it to you. Id like that, she says, smiling, and you grin, then she kisses you. Its been two days since your kiss with Frida and it feels like days since youve eaten anything at all. So far, your travels have been going well, thanks to the magic of Fridas magic bread or whatever that is. When you reach the inn on the outskirts of town, the first thing you notice is that the streets appear empty people are either at work or at home, or theyre all out having fun at a festival. The main square is crowded with people singing and dancing, and people dressed as various characters from Sleeping Beauty are being fed from a magical tree. The sun is shining brightly down on the grass and trees, casting strange, glittering patterns across peoples faces and clothing. Theyre all dressed in green the color of the tree an unusual and cheerful color, and there are a lot of them. At the other end of the square is an open space, with a lake to the left and a hill up ahead. To the right of the lake and to the right of the hill are two more houses, both of them made of wood and both of them decorated with colorful carpets. A man in a green dress is sitting in the corner of the room, reading a book.

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