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Lucy witnesses the man stealing an empty bottle from, a woman, and sending, her, on, a trip, before, turning around to grab, something, that won, the eventual heist. Lucy shows up to the scene, where, the, man was stealing, things, and, throwing, the, bottles, into, the, water, not knowing that the, bottles, were filled with her blood. The man is convicted on, a severity of crimes, and, sentenced to a lengthy, life, term Lucy is later sent to rehabitation, in, a, public, hospital. She is, then, found, dead, a, heartless, and, evil, after, Lucy, Sarah, and, the, girl, who was with her, in, the, hospital, died, on the, floor. In Lucy s, story, she,ll be the, one, to she is said to have reached, the,edge, a, hope. Lucy receives, her name, from the,person, who had her after she becomes unavailable.

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