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Third Scene and Ending, Ending, Scene Scene Scene. Scene Scene EndingYoure the last one to go through this new elevator and youre the last one to exit this level. The only thing you notice is that the music has stopped in the middle of the story which is a bit ironic since the two things that you want to do are the two things you can do before you leave. Ve already entered the elevator, which opens up into the next level. S a large crowd sitting in the seats with their backs turned. Some of them just raise their hands in a surrender gesture. You walk up to one of the few still seated which turns around to face you. T quite make it out, but you know who it is. T want to, but I wish we could just go back to being normal people so we could get on with our lives. He pauses for a moment and then looks down at his hands. S been acting strange for a while now.

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