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After the death of Miss Kitty, She was nominated to be MissEverest, and MissAmerica. The body was taken to the funeral pyre and a few days later, at the urging of her family she decided to make the attempt again. And this time in the same clothes she wore the day she died only this time she had the support of the press. A great many people are waiting to pay you a visit. They are mostly tourists, but some are quite wealthy. As it is your birthday you are being given a private screening of a movie on your birthday. You really shouldnt complain, but you get the feeling that youd be missing out by not accepting the money. And you would REALLY miss out if you didnt. How can a little girl survive on top of Mount Everest. She could do it, if she had access to bottled oxygen. For all her talents, her diet is very poor and shes been confined to a tent most of the time. Im sorry, but I do not know anything about that, nor do I know where the nearest airplane is. So the best I can do is try to get a cab,Oh. Im sure we can find a cab to take us to the summit. You refuse to go with a taxiNo, thank you, you say. I know youre right, says the taxi driver. Im sorry, but I do not know anything about that either. With those words, you stand up and walk out of the car. You run up the stairs and head towards the summit. You head towards the large tent and notice that a little girl is sitting there. She looks so tiny in comparison to the other people on the summit, and it gives you a strange feeling. You walk inside the tent and meet the little girl. You have never met her before today, but now you have to decide whether to help her up the mountain.

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