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A size 10 celebration for an episode: of Saturday Night Live. A little before noon on Wednesday, April 13, a police helicopter circled over the city of Flint, Mich. As it did, at least four of six black police officers in the area reported hearing a loud noise. Soon, the four officers were on the citys water crisis emergency hotline. We cant flush any toilets right now, one said in an interview. Our homes are filled with this stuff, Officer Brian Woodhouse said. I just flushing it and flushing it and then the whole bottom part of it is green. In Flint, the crisis has been a long time coming. After decades of poisoning water from the citys aging source of Lake Huron, the states failure to invest in an alternative water supply has meant the city now draws its water from the Flint River, which is polluted with lead and has a high bacterial count. 5 million from a recent federal grant funding a new treatment system for the Flint River. Since the crisis broke more than a month ago, residents of Flint have endured long lines for bottled water, and a woman has died due to lead poisoning. A week after that death, the city declared a state of emergency. Amid the chaos, a group of Flint residents have been banding together to help each other clean up. And on Thursday a group of journalists, photographers, and filmmakers from around the world who have been documenting the citys water crisis gathered in the city for what many hope will be a day of action. I really dont want to do this, one woman told local news station WXYZ. Flints water crisis is the subject of the Oscar-nominated documentary from filmmaker Michael Moore, Sicko. The film tells the story of how as many as 12,000 residents had lead in their bodies before the city switched its water source to the Flint River, which is also home to the toxic.

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