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Tina, Age 20, Tina lives in an apartment with her brother-in-law and his family. They lived across the street from each other before Tina and her husband bought a house just down the block in another part of the suburb. Tina got an idea when their neighbors son asked her to his friends birthday party. They had trouble finding a babysitter because the boys mother would not let her son go with his mother to the party. Tina offered to take her 6 year old brother Paul along if he and his friend could stay with her and her husband. The mother told the babysitter that Tina was a weirdo and that she was not to allow her son to even see her. She had never taken care of a child before, and she had no idea what to do. She asked her brother how to take care of him, and decided that she should get a babysitter and take Paul to his fathers party. She found a babysitter, and she made up a lie about Paul having a bad cold. He agreed to the lie that her brother could come with her. You took Paul along with you and Tina. She let her son take the car instead of getting a limo to drive Paul from the party to the party. Tina and Paul had fun for the next two hours. They had sex several times that night. At one point Tina had asked her son where Paul was, and he had told her. Later on the babysitter found out that Tina and Paul were having sex and called the cops. Paul was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Tina for the purpose of prostitution. She accepted his cash and told her friend that she forgave her mother. You took Paul with you because he was a good kid, he liked you, and there was no way to tell you not to accept his offer that night. You decide to tell Tina to go to the party and then to come back with Paul. She agreed to this, and after she arrived at the party she saw that Paul was not in the car like she thought he was. She then told her friend to leave, so she returned to the party and found Paul not there. When she left the party she found the cops already there. They had found her, her friend, Paul, and Tinas car parked in the driveway. It was obvious that Tina was the one who had gotten the cops to raid the house by having her friend leave, while she was still inside with Paul.

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