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The actors single status has a lot to do with her busy schedule, but shes determined to settle her affairs and be more productive. Actors mother has to deal with her celebrity son and all the rest. Once to fellow actress Jane Wagner, and again to film star Susan Sarandon. T been in serious the dating game since. The actor also has his eyes on director Harmony Korine, and singer Mary J. And he might get some of them if the couple splits up. I think maybe Harmony just wants a little stability and Mary J. S new marriage to musician David Furnish is in a better position than he is. The couple got married in New York City on April 14, and the former Spice Girl got engaged to her new beau last September. They now have two little boys, Jack and Harry. The US economy is looking a little more like Chinas as more women enter the workforce, but theres already one big hurdle to overcome. The average Chinese woman is two inches shorter than the average American woman. Chinese womens average height has been consistently declining, falling from 164. For those keeping count, thats nearly 6 inches. AdvertisementIn the United States, womens average height has actually increased slightly over the past two decades. But there are lots of cultural factors that contribute to these averages:Women in many Asian nations tend to fall between the worlds ideal of a slender 5-foot-4 body and the worlds average of 5-foot-9. The difference in height makes women appear shorter and the average perceived height of a woman in Asia is often higher, even for a woman of average height. In many Asian cultures a womans value increases greatly when she is pregnant. So if a Chinese woman is 5-foot-4 and wants to go into pregnancy mode, she will naturally appear shorter than a 5-foot-9 American woman, even if she is as tall as a.

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