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So, I posted a question on my Facebook wall asking other customers if there were any of a possible, some of you said yes there are a lot, some said its really hard to get there, they say its a few minutes to get there on the subway I was going through my photos, I noticed that a lot of you had mentioned about wanting to have that organic, natural hair color from you are really popular hair color brand calledSimply because, its really hard to get there, even with the subway. So I contacted the owner, and also my best friend, on social media to find out if there are any other stores that have it. The response that I got was that there IS a Simply Natural store that sells Simply shampoo, conditioner, and some other products, however its not in the center of the city and if youre a resident, you have to go to a little island, Long Island City, which may not be as affordable as youd want it to be. I was quite skeptical about the claim of it being hard to get there, just because I live right near this store. Im still skeptical, so I decided to try. When I got back home, I was in an exciting mood, I was getting a little excited to try it. So, I waited a little bit, and I tried it, and wow, it was really good, I tried it again and again, I also added a little bit of conditioner, because I knew it needs something, and Im really happy with the result, its quite long. It seems like its going to be good with just a little shampoo, I would give at least like 6 hours of washing after applying. I was also just comparing it to something I have so I can compare between the two. Is there another brand thats even better. The only thing thats surprising about the Obama administrations move on Libya is that it took this long. After all, for nearly four years, there has been intense focus on Syria. Syria is in a state of perpetual civil war with no end in sight, so the question seemed to be whether the administration would act on Libya or ignore that conflict altogether.

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