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If only all the posters and brochures at the clinic were as informative as this one. Gosseys office surrounded by a sea of pale skin, you have no idea what to think. Why did you let yourself believe what was going to happen. Why cant you just put all this out of your mind, and forget about it. The therapist is standing behind you looking at you with concern. Re not yourself right now, honey. Dark and horrible place I went to for a while just for help. You close your eyes as you feel a wave of emotion hit you. You feel so much more at peace with yourself, and your situation. You have very good feelings about your therapy. She says taking your hand and squeezing it, and then kissing it on the lips. T thought about it in the past, so you have to be serious about it. Gossey waves her hand in front of your face. I do believe you have a lot of good things going on in your life now, honey.

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