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With these words you sign up and then you wait for the emails to come in. As it turns out, today is the first day that you can get the new shades and the first time you can get the new formula. You are so glad to be able to try the shades and the formula because even though they are new, it is still going to take a couple days before you can get your new lipsticks on and you are already starting to have that itching feeling for them. You wait until you get to the end of the list and just like you expected, you find you have been matched with Jennifer, the resident beauty guru. Now before we begin, I would like to give this email to someone in your life. My name is Jennifer and I run an online store that sells natural, organic and natural products. Ll be better able to help you in the future. Please know that I will always be here for your beauty needs. Alright, this is going to be tough, but what do I do. M going to start by telling you right now. M going to do my best to make it entertaining. T even hesitate when Jennifer starts to tell you her story. S never told you personal things before like this before. Before we start, my name is Jackie. I came to your house one day and my sister Diana was getting really down on me. You just sit there at first and when you do begin to respond a small smile forms on your face. S sweet, but I was actually a little more excited when I found out my other daughter was.

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