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The classroom looks like it is in the basement: wooden tables and chairs, not much in the way of decorations. You see a couple of students working on their art, probably in an art class. A woman dressed in a black leather outfit and holding a whip, comes out of the door to the right. She is standing behind a desk, with a couple of students in front of her, in what looks like a small class room. One of them is looking over a piece of paper in their hands. The teacher comes out of the front door, with a few students behind her. You start to paint the students behind the desk with a piece of paper you drew. You go to the front of the class, and begin to write a note with a pen that you draw from the paper you are using. The teacher comes out of the front door, and approaches you. She notices the scribble you are making out, and starts to laugh nervously. What do I do if I catch you drawing, sir. Why not, you catch me drawing. You cant catch me if Im not drawing. Well, I do, but I use it to write my name, so I cant draw with it. You cant catch me, not in any possible way. Oh, dont worry, youre the one who made this problem. The teacher turns from you, and looks at her students. Well, I suggest you give it up, because there will be no more classes. If you could, sir, Id like to enroll in some art classes at- You go to North Seattle High School, Beauty School. You hurry back to the North Seattle High School, Beauty School. You are excited and want to show how bright you are. Your face begins to hurt, and you begin to tremble. You dont think you will live through this school. Hey there, beauty, whatcha doin here. You say, walking up to you classmate, who appears to be the one who asked you to join the Beauty School. You turn around, and see a huge woman with a long black hair, wearing a leather.

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