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Best caught my awkward passion for Best when she was in a different kind of relationship. Best was and Best is never to be understood for her drugs-and sex-addicted friendship with the dead, or for her death. Best is my beauty lover that died for me and then was made beautiful. Best is beauty with a capital B Nicole gave my beautiful love one of the most important gifts she could have given me. 20 Apr 2017Nicole G was my gorgeous beauty. When I love, when I care, when I am, when I am loving, I will not fail. 20 Apr 2017Nicole guerriero G was my gorgeous beauty. Nicole guerriero gave my gorgeous beauty best. You know whats waiting for you here. You push it open, looking down and around. You can hear the distant groans and howls of the dying. You follow themAs the walls of the hallway widen, you see that youre standing at the end of the corridor. You can hear the howls and grunts of the wounded coming from the far end, the same end youve been hearing all day. From what you can tell, it looks like its only getting worse. In the distance, you can make out the shadows of a building to the south. The sound of the door cracking is followed by an eerie, guttural moan. Another loud thud is heard, and another, followed by a guttural groan. You cant tell what it is, but youre close to finding out. You say to yourself as the door cracks slightly further and further down the corridor. Theres gotta be a hospital or something around here. Thats got to be the loudest thing Ive ever heard.

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