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Hide spoiler, THE GREAT GATSBY: THE STORY OF JEAN-LUC VAN HOUTT, ALMOST COMPLETELY The great thing about this book is that you get to do a lot of listening. Not just in the sense that you can read the book, but because in many instances you get to listen to what Van Houtte was really thinking. How he really experienced the time-period in which he wrote: all of the emotions that you can feel. There are even notes within the notes, or at least I think there is; you really have to look to make sure, that help explain different elements of the book and point out places where the author is repeating himself. For example, in the story I Know Who You Are there is a quote from a letter from Van Houtte to his sister Jeanette. The quote is very telling and really shows Van Houttes feelings of jealousy. I dont think there was ever any intention to write Van Houttes jealousy as a love. There is no love in the book in any way. But to a lot of people, that word is very similar to the word romantic. The book is VERY honest, and this is one of the things that I love about it. I feel like I get to know the human side of a man who is very often misunderstood, or not loved anyway. At the very beginning of the book, you get to a character called Lionel. Hes very much like a character in your real life, if your real life had been as interesting as this book. Hes a young man who is very romantic, but has no realistic expectations on the world when he sees it. He has no realistic expectations on his love life. I thought he was great and it was very nice to listen to what he had to say, because I really felt like I was talking to myself. But then I thought, how realistic was he really. I mean what do we really know about the time period were writing in. Maybe he was an idiot, but maybe he was just a young man who had unrealistic expectations. Maybe he was just a young man who had very unrealistic expectations. I loved that theres also a lot of poetry in the book. Ive read a couple of the poems that were included and found them to be very beautiful and I think you should read a couple of them. Also in the book, theres an essay called The Truth About Life which is a very interesting essay that is a sort of look into one of the darker elements of humanity, which is the idea of survival.

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