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After hearing your words, Briar turns around to see you standing there with a sword in your hand. You say I will be the master of this swordI will be the master of this sword. Please, help me find my sister. You say I need one of your handsI need one of your hands. You say I need your help in finding my sisterI need your help in finding my sister. You say We cannot do thatYou say We cannot do that. You say I want herYou say I want her. To which Briar responds I have done this before, and you can make the same choice. You say I do not care if she is dead. With one last look at her beautiful face, you raise your sword to stab it into her body and take it. As you do so, Briar attempts to make one last plea to you. Please grant me one last wish. Your eyes widen as you say Do it. However, that doesnt mean you have to like her. She blushes a bit when you take a better look at her, obviously embarrassed. She says, to which your face turns a bright red.

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