Sharply intelligent, with the ability to focus on their work with a laser-like …

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The- principle- of independence- is stronger than the- principle-, and- is-. You are a member of the Aquarius tribe, not least because youre a female and because you have good eyesight and are a keen observer. As part of the tribe, you are trusted and accepted by many even if you have a reputation among others as being eccentric. However, the other tribe or tribes you come across are always hostile to you as you are a member of one of the other races. The last time you were at home, the rest of your tribe slaughtered most of the other tribes members because they had attacked your friends and avenge those killed. Your people are brutal and very cruel in general. You wish theyd just kill you too. You hate your life even more than you did with the Empire. You have to admit, you never expected to be offered the chance to join the Inquisition. However, after talking with its Director, you soon learn why. The Director, Elizabeth Bathory, says that there is a group of cultists in Nuro that are planning something very important. He says that a great danger is coming and that the only people that seem to be in a position to stop it are you and he. Ive never done a mission before, I dont have experience in that sort of thing. The Director doesnt want someone inexperienced in things like this, you see, Elizabeth says. He has a good mind for it, in fact he has a good mind for the whole of the Empire, because he knows that without people like you, the Empire could be in danger. He wouldnt tell me, but he said it involves an evil force called the Ruinous Powers. It is one of the four forces of the world and they are the most terrible of it. They control things in realms in the far corners of the universe. They can turn a mortal into a werewolf, a rock into a bridge and a mountain into a tower, but the Ruinous Powers have no will of their own. They just influence the things they influence, and its no good for the mortal unless you can do something about it, is it. The Director has read my own mind, has he not. I am very familiar with the powers they can bring to mortals and will not let them do harm to the Empire. You refuse the missionI have to refuse, you say. I dont want to join this assignment and I know what the Ruinous Powers are.

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