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You open the post and see a link to a GIPHY post and click to go there. You are about to open the gif when you receive a text from a friend. You open it and see a message from a gregarious boy. You reply with the reply you thought you would give him. You tell the boy to meet youYou reply with a simple Okay, I will meet you soonWhat time is good. The boy seems a bit hesitant in responding while looking at the time. It is not clear if he has just received your answer, or if he is actually looking for you. Okay, I will see you thenYou reply with an answer. Hours later, you receive a text from your friend. Im going to meet my friend now. You reply with a Okay, I will meet you later. Ill see you later, good nightYou reply with a Night. You wait and try again laterYou wait and try again later. Eventually, you receive back the response you got just now. Alright, Ill meet you in just a moment. You wait a bit longer and finally receive the reply. Ill see you later, good night. You wait a bit longer and eventually receive the reply. You answerYou reply with a simple YesThe boys turn around and leave, but not before your face is in a strange place. You say Yes, Im sorry for lookingYou reply with a Yes, Im sorry for looking.

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